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What Do We Offer

What do we offer

How do we charge? – most law firms offer legal services on an hourly rate, we offer fixed and capped fees for legal services and work to your legal budget

Most law firms calculate hourly rates according to the experience and expertise of the lawyers concerned, but the cost also includes an overhead and profit element.

Until recently, the only alternatives to this regime were to:

  1. Employ a lawyer directly in house, full time or substantially part time
  2. Make do without legal advice and hope to muddle through

In these difficult financial times, many businesses are struggling to pay their own overheads and are put off by private practice fee structures. In addition, firms often bill more than originally estimated for a transaction, making budgetary control extremely difficult for the client.

That’s why we designed Serenity Law to be better for clients. Here’s how:

We Don’t Train Solicitors at your cost

In contrast to traditional law firms, Serenity Law’s solicitors all have either been in partnership positions in their previous firms or senior associates with at least 5 years post qualification experience. We don’t use your legal project as a “teaching tool” to teach trainee solicitors at your expense, only to have the work revised by a more experienced solicitor, imposing multiple layers of cost and delay. When you retain Serenity Law, your work is handled from beginning to end by experienced, seasoned veterans, assisted in some cases by our highly trained legal specialists.

Our Solicitors Are Experienced Veterans.

Serenity Law’s legal team average ten years of legal experience, and some have considerably more. They have devoted their careers to obtaining results for the most sophisticated and demanding consumers of legal services.

Lower Billing Rates and Better Access.

As a virtual firm, we don’t maintain expensive office space. And, as a new firm, we aren’t saddled with inefficient, outdated, legacy systems. Our partners are all technology-savvy and efficient, so we don’t have secretaries typing from their dictation, or keeping their appointment books – or acting as a buffer, limiting your access to your solicitor. As a result, our overhead is extremely low, and we can offer you rates that are generally far lower than those of solicitors with comparable experience at old style law firms. Because you are not paying for traditional law firm infrastructure, you get better access to better lawyers at a better price.

Better Legal Cost and Project Control.

Each of our partners is empowered to work with you to negotiate a fee structure that works for you and for us. Depending on the nature of your project, we can explore such options as fixed-fee, monthly retainer, payment at closing, and milestone-based billing. So that you have complete transparency, we give our clients the ability to monitor their legal costs, and the progress on their projects, much more closely than do conventional law firms. Our solicitors can make available information about accrued charges and activity on each of your projects, including detailed descriptions of the services provided, and be fully aware of charges without any end of transaction surprises so that you can track progress.

Better Technology.

We have invested in state of the art technology to connect ourselves with each other and with you.  We rely heavily on web technology such as skype and conferencing and other state of the art tools to keep us and our clients in touch and productive. Our Solicitors are widely based and therefore can liaise with you through technology or at your office, whichever you prefer.

Friendlier to the Environment We Share with You.

When you work with Serenity Law, you help the environment. By travelling less and working remotely, we save on petrol, improve air quality, reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources and serve you more efficiently. We are proud to be a “green” business with a low carbon footprint.