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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property

There is an ever increasing awareness to protect and retain intellectual property rights for established and start-up business enterprises

Our Intellectual Property team cover a wide area of work, including:

  1. inventions
  2. literary and artistic works
  3. symbols, names, images
  4. designs used in commerce

Our team consist of both Intellectual Property Lawyers and Patent Attorneys, with access to a network of Attorneys and Lawyers in other jurisdictions should you want to make an application outside of the EU.

We aim to provide fixed fee prices for work undertaken where we can, for IP infringement matters we can agree to charge through our terms of engagement model.

We also carry out IP audits on behalf of clients providing a systematic review of IP assets owned, used or acquired, identifying company strengths and weaknesses.

An IP audit can facilitate the identification of importance, in terms of contribution to company’s competitiveness and bottom line.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.