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Engagement Models

Engagement model

Our engagement models are created to assist businesses who require legal services while managing their budgets.

Dedicated Team Model

We provide full time equivalent team of legal experts dedicated to a client. The team size varies based on the requirement of the client, and typically ranges between 2 to 8 team members. This engagement model is suitable for clients who wish to extend their bandwidth by maintaining an outsourced in-house legal team, which proves to be more cost effective than maintaining an in-house legal team. In this model, the team, methodology, and other processes are customized to meet client-specific requirements. The model enables improved overall performance, quality and value addition, while reducing costs. Further, the model enables our clients to handle unanticipated workload, as there is a team dedicated to them.

Dedicated Hours Model

In this model, the client engages us for a predetermined number of hours every month. Based on the number of hours, we would be offering specific legal services at a discounted hourly rate. As opposed to the dedicated team model, in which a dedicated team has to be picked, in this model, the client has the flexibility of utilizing our team members with diverse technical backgrounds. This model is suitable for clients for whom it is difficult to predetermine the type of legal service required to be outsourced.

On-demand Model

“On-demand Model” is provided by most legal service firms in the UK. We provide our legal services on demand. Our clients engage us, as and when demand for legal services arises. In this model, for each project, the scope and methodology are defined and a detailed project plan is sent to the client, and subsequently the project is executed. This model is suitable for clients who avail our services at discrete intervals.