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We started Serenity Law for a reason. We wanted to build a better law firm.

Founded in 2010, Serenity Law is a virtually connected and geographically distributed law firm that provides excellent legal service at very competitive rates. Serenity Law employs solicitors with outstanding credentials and an average of over ten years of experience – no new trainee solicitors to train at the clients’ cost.

We promote optimal performance by our Solicitors and staff by enabling them to achieve balance between their professional and personal lives. All of our Solicitors work from home or their own offices, communicating and collaborating with one another and clients through our proprietary technology platform. We also have a small number of highly trained “legal specialists” who provide support in their specific areas of expertise.

To learn more about Serenity Law, please see below; Reasons to Join Serenity Law

We’d like to hear from you if you have outstanding educational credentials and a level of experience commensurate with that of our partners, or at least five years of experience as a paralegal with a specific area of expertise.

Please send an email with your CV attached jobs@serenitylaw.co.uk For Solicitors applying, it would be helpful for us to know about your current clients and book of portable business, and any plans you may have for marketing or growing your practice. It would also be great to hear about why you think Serenity Law could be a good fit for you.

Reasons to Join Serenity Law

We designed Serenity Law to be better for Solicitors and legal specialists Here’s how:

Better Work/Life Balance: We give you control over how many hours you work, where you work, the clients you work with and your billing rate. Achieving a balance between your professional and private lives is one of our key goals. We seek top quality solicitors and legal specialists who want to balance family and personal interests with a professional career.

Better Compensation: At traditional law firms, one-third of every pound collected goes to overhead, another third goes to partner profits and only one-third goes to the working solicitor. At Serenity Law, an attractive percentage of our revenue goes directly to our Solicitors and legal specialists. This enables you to earn more money  than you could at a traditional law firm, while billing fewer hours (depending on your billing rate). Although our rates are lower than those of large, conventional law firms, Serenity Law’s brand, reputation and unique client service tools will empower you to establish billing rates that are closer to normal law firm rates than to those of most solo practitioners. You make more money; your clients spend less.

Better Brand: We designed our logo and marketing materials to create an instantly recognizable brand and to promote our leadership role in the legal industry. The Serenity Law brand will make it easier for you to improve the number and quality of your clients. If you need additional help, we can help you with a business development and client retention plan to build a team of great Solicitors and legal specialists to support your practice.

Better Technology Platform: We intend to grow rapidly, but sensibly, Our aim is to become a UK wide distributed network of lawyers and specialists working closely with each other and with clients, even though we may be cities or regions apart. We are investing in an advanced technology platform to promote collaboration. We rely heavily on web based technology and other “state of the art” tools to keep us and our clients in touch and productive.

Better Administrative Support: We are a law firm, not a collection of sole practitioners or franchise or a high-end temp agency. Our lawyers often practice in teams, requiring administrative support and unique collaboration tools, particularly since we work from different locations. Serenity Law takes care of indemnity insurance, bills and collections, CPD training, IT support and many of the other support tasks that large law firms provide. We handle the unbilled administrative work that creates hassles and headaches for sole practitioners.

Better for the Environment: We are an environmentally responsible business. Serenity Law is at the forefront of a growing trend in the UK of virtual service businesses. Sparing our environment by travelling less and working remotely saves on petrol, improves air quality, reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources and benefits our employees and their families as well. We are proud to be a “green” business with a low carbon footprint, and want to be a role model for other businesses.

More Fun: In addition to enjoying a satisfying law practice, we want to have fun! We have a committee dedicated to planning events and maintaining our Serenity Law culture and core values. Expect invitations to social gatherings, parties and retreats to get to know your colleagues.